How to Veganise Your Pizza and Make it Delicious

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When you think of pizza, you most likely picture something dripping with melted cheese and, unless you're vegetarian, plenty of meat, too. For vegans, neither the meat nor the cheese is an option — unless you happen to have some vegan cheese substitute and mock meats handy, which is pretty uncommon. That doesn't mean a vegan can't still enjoy pizza night, even at a pizza restaurant. Pizza bases don't normally contain any dairy or other animal ingredients, making them suitable for people on a plant-based diet to eat.

24 February 2017

Fun Catering Ideas For Your Next Party

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When planning a party, no doubt you give attention to every single detail, right down to the catering and food to be served. However, you probably have more options today for meals provided by your caterer than ever before, and choosing something fun and unique will make your party truly memorable and even something your guests might enjoy more than ever. Note a few fun catering ideas for your next party and then discuss these possibilities with your caterer.

17 August 2016