A Few Terms to Understand When Visiting a Seafood Restaurant

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If you don't often eat seafood but want to add more fish to your diet, you might first learn a few terms and phrases you'll see on the menu of a seafood restaurant. This can help you make the best choice for a fish dish you'll love, and will ensure you know a bit about how it's prepared as well.


Shellfish is any type of fish that lives or grows in a shell; shrimp, crab, lobster, and oysters are popular types of shellfish. While they are all very tasty, note that some varieties of shellfish will be served in the shell, and some are actually eaten whole. For example, oysters are often served in their shell; you might add butter and then hold the shell to your mouth, letting the oyster slide down your throat. Crab may also be served in the shell, which you then break in order to pull the meat out with a fork. Serving fish in the shell helps to preserve its flavour and texture and also makes for a great presentation, but it is a unique taste and dining experience, so always ask if any shellfish is served in the shell before ordering.

Smoked fish

Smoked fish is cooked over a type of firewood that does as the name implies; the heat from the smoke cooks the fish slightly, while the fish absorbs some of the smoky flavour. Smoked fish may not be cooked as thoroughly as you might expect, and it is often served in long and thin pieces rather than a full filet. The texture and flavour are very unique, so consider ordering smoked fish as an appetizer if you want to try it, so you know if it's a dish you'll enjoy.


Caviar is actually fish eggs; while it's a delicacy for many people, it does have a unique taste and texture. Caviar is often served with small crackers; you dab a bit of the caviar onto the crackers as a type of spread. This dish is usually served as an appetizer but can be prepared for its very pungent flavour if you decide to sample it.

Fish head

Fish head soup is a popular choice in some seafood restaurants; the soup is prepared with the fish head in order for the broth to absorb the flavour, and so that the fish head doesn't go to waste. You might actually eat the fish head or leave it behind, but keep in mind that it is usually included in the dish as it's served to you!

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28 May 2017

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