How to Use Drinks to Sell More Confectionery in Your Grocery Store


Lollies and chocolate have historically been big moneymakers for small shops. However, in the current age of economic downturn and healthy living, some grocery store managers are finding it harder and harder to shift the sweet stuff. Thankfully, there are many sales-boosting tactics out there that can help you sell more confectionery. Some of these strategies capitalise on products you already sell well; if, like many small shop managers, you sell plenty of drinks, these beverage-centric tips could work for you. Here are 3 ways you can leverage high drinks sales to sell more confectionery in your store.

Place Confectionery Near Drinks

Customers may skip past the confectionery aisle, but that doesn't mean you can't still get them to buy something sweet. One of the most successful sales strategies shop owners utilise is to place low-selling items near high-selling ones to draw eyes to them. Try using suction cup confectionery holders on your drinks fridges to encourage customers to treat themselves. Every time a customer opens the fridge to select a drink, they'll come face to face with their favourite sweet snack, making them more likely to buy. As an added bonus, the cold temperature of the fridge will keep lollies and chocolates from melting in the high Australian heat, so you won't have to spend more money on additional cooling equipment.

Offer BOGO Deals

Another way to use drinks to sell more confectionery is to offer your customers a buy-one-get-one deal, allowing them to get a sweet treat at a reduced price when they buy a drink. While you won't make as much as you would selling your lollies and chocolates at full price, you'll encourage customers to build a habit of buying a sweet snack every time they buy a drink. When your deal pricing ends, you'll find that many customers continue to buy the two products as a pair. You can be broad and allow customers to choose any drink and candy combo, or you can have a little more control by selecting specific pairs that go well together. A milkshake goes well with a nutty chocolate bar, for example, while a juice carton may be a good pairing for confectionery that's popular with children.

Stock More Healthy Beverages

One common reason today's customers avoid buying confectionery is that they're more concerned about their health. Many don't want to load up their shopping trolley with a mountain of calories, so they refrain from buying candies. One way to encourage these shoppers to enjoy sweet treats again without ruining their healthy eating plan is to stock more healthy beverages. Water, juices, teas and smoothies (all with no added sugar) are better for you than most soft drinks. Stocking them in your shop with signage that indicates their health benefits could make shoppers feel less guilty about buying chocolates or lollies, as the calories and sugar content in their overall purchase will balance out.

For help with finding the best sweets to sell, contact confectionery suppliers in your area.


26 December 2017

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