Catering Styles You Could Consider For Your Event


What makes life so memorable is the broad range of special occasions and significant milestones that deserve to be celebrated. One of the hallmarks of a successful celebration is great food that will leave an impression on your guests while ensuring they leave your event satisfied. As a result, the catering services industry has grown in leaps and bounds to make sure that any ceremony ranging from a small birthday party to a large wedding will have scrumptious food. When hiring your catering services, you would need to establish what type of style would be best suited for your event. Below are a few of the catering styles you could consider for your ceremony.


As the name implies, full-service catering will provide you with everything that you need to ensure your guests are fed and comfortable. Thus, full-service catering is ideal for formal events, such as weddings, as they can be quite an investment. With full-service catering, there are a number of advantages that you enjoy. Firstly, the menu will have multiple courses to ensure that your guests have a wide assortment of food items to sample. Some of the courses that you could include in your full-service catering menu include entrees, started, hors d'oeuvres, soups and more. Secondly, full-service catering will typically provide a wait staff too. Therefore, you and your guests can sit back and enjoy the festivities as the professionals ensure food and drinks are served flawlessly.


This type of catering style is suitable for informal ceremonies that are hosting a large number of guests. With a buffet menu, you have your guests cater to themselves by choosing what they would prefer to eat. Buffet catering is also ideal if you would like your guests to mingle with each other, such as at a birthday party, an anniversary party, a going away party and more. If you have numerous guests, it is advisable to have multiple food stations or your buffet catering as this will prevent long queues from forming.

Lunch boxes

If you are hosting an event and would like hassle-free catering services, you may want to consider lunch boxes. Some individuals may assume that this type of catering will appear unprofessional, but the reality is lunch boxes have become quite sophisticated over the years. Lunch boxes are especially convenient if you would like to cut your costs by eliminating the need for a wait staff during your event. This catering style is practical for events such as conferences, kids' parties and more.


30 May 2017

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