How to Correctly Brew Tea for Maximum Flavour

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How do you make your tea? Do you put the kettle on, throw a teabag into a mug, splash on some hot water and hope for the best?

That's fine, but you might not be doing the delicate flavor of your tea justice. We've listed some insider tips on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea every time, including the type of water you should use, how to choose the right tea, and how to prepare your tea.

Tired of being disappointed by dull, bland, flavorless teas? Then this is the article for you.

Use filtered water

The chemicals and pollutants found in regular tap water can drastically alter the flavor of your tea. It's best to use filtered or purified water if you can. If you're an avid tea drinker, consider investing in an under sink water filter so that fresh, clean water is always available. The water should be freshly drawn, cold, from the tap, and never boiled more than once - water that has been boiled multiple times contains less oxygen, damaging the flavor of your tea.

Choose high-quality tea leaves

The tea leaves you choose can make a big difference to your finished cuppa. Avoid tea bags, which often contain the lowest quality, finely broken leaves, and aim for whole tea leaves instead. Whole tea leaves will give a subtle, full-bodied flavor, while broken leaves will steep faster and give a stronger, more invigorating taste. Try using broken leaves in the morning and whole leaves at night.

Choose the right temperature for your tea

Did you think that boiling water was perfect for every tea? That's actually not the case. Different teas actually taste better at different temperatures. We've listed some of the most common teas and their ideal temperatures below:

  • White tea - around 82 degrees Celsius
  • Green tea - around 77 degrees Celsius
  • Black tea - around 93 degrees Celsius
  • Herbal tea - around 99 degrees Celsius

Pick your teapot wisely

Following on from the temperature issue, the type of teapot you use is important, too. Metal teapots will stay hotter for longer, so are ideal for black and herbal teas which perform well at high temperatures. More delicate teas, like green tea and white tea, should be prepared in a porcelain or glass pot, which will release heat more quickly. Keep a few different teapots on hand at all times.

Love tea? Then it's worth taking the time to prepare it right.


30 May 2017

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